becky higgins photo challenge {a little bit of something + a whole lot of nothing}

a while back, becky higgins started posting occassional photo challenges on her blog. they were simple and doable...yet still intriquing.

third: a little bit of something + a whole lot of nothing

100616 Coleman playing in yard 09 copy
this is one of my favorite photos and was already featured in a blog post back in june of last year. if i remember correctly, i was actually inspired to take this off-center photo (with room for journaling) by ali edwards. i truly love photos with journaling right on them so i want to try and remember to take more like this.
past challenges:
look straight down and set your camera down and reflection


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  1. great pic!
    did you journal on it?! the siding in the background makes an awesome journaling canvas. love the coloring!!