dieting for dummies {2.6}

new tools:
last week i invested in two new "tools" for my weight loss adventure. i purchased a digital scale (to replace our sad, old non-digital one). it's so nice to be able to easily read my weight and not squint. obsessing over the scale (in a healthy way) has kind of been a fun game. i like to see how different things affect my weight (wet hair, clothing, a meal, etc).

my second new tool is a pedometer. you might remember my participating in a challenge around this time last year. i really enjoyed it but had lost that little pedometer. so, i invested in a new one and began wearing it earlier this week. it's always surprising as to how much i don't walk. one day that felt pretty active, was still only 6400 steps! my average workday (spent mostly at a desk) comes in around 4000. not good.

restaurant failure:
along with my successes, i have to report my failures as well. matt and i enjoyed a tasty meal at a new local restaurant. we splurged on a spinach dip appetizer with flatbread and i had a delicious italian BLT. the points were obnoxius. this was actually lunch and i ended up skipping supper. not because i felt guilty but because i wasn't even hungry. i think my body has adjusted to getting less food and having that massive amount in my belly just held me over. the best guess on the BLT: 18 points!!! ouch. yes, i could've gotten a salad, but i didn't.

friday at work we ordered lunch from a japanese restaurant. i ordered the same thing as always but requested brown rice instead of white. i normally would've cleaned my plate. i barely touched the rice and probably only ate about half of the main meal. i was proud of myself.

the week ahead is going to be tough. i will be travelling for four days...that's a lot of restaurant and on-the-go food.

weight loss: as of friday, i had not lost any additional weight. kind of depressing. given our busy weekend and trips ahead, i am scheduling this post ahead of time. hopefully by sunday, i will have lost something.

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  1. Good luck Holly! It's so hard... I joined a gym back in November and started going on a regular basis. Now I go about 5 times a week...but my weight had not changed. I decided to do Weight Watchers on my own starting last week... I'm so happy to say that after only 1 week (of starving!) I did see the scale move a little. For me, I have to do both.... Work out hard (not just walk) and eat practically nothing. LOL!