dieting for dummies {2.13}

total weight loss: around 9 pounds
for some reason, my scale has been really inconsistent the last few days. i'm pretty sure i've hit at least nine pounds. maybe a little more.

struggles: my biggest struggle this past week was eating out so much due to travel. i tried to stick to things such as chicken breasts and salads, being careful about portion size and dressings. overall, i did pretty well.

successes: i am excited to report that people are starting to notice and comment that i have lost weight. yay! oh, and i did the elliptical machine twice this week.

confusions: as i mentioned already, my scale will fluctuate within a few pounds in just a day's time, even though i'm consistent about the conditions under which i weigh. i'm sure this is why it's not recommended that you weigh daily, but i don't care - i'm going to keep doing it!

i'm surprised that my clothing isn't fitting more loosely considering i've almost hit 10 pounds, but oh well! it will come in time. at first i thought a goal of 20 pounds would definitely get me to where i want to be, but now i'm not so sure. unless the second 10 pounds makes a much bigger difference than the first 10 pounds.

foods i'm loving:

-- wheat tortillas & flatbread: i have mastered the art of making a healthy wrap out of just about any food combination (breakfast food, mexican-style, italian, etc).

-- i'm really sticking with a lot of favorites i've already mentioned: yellow & orange bell peppers, fresh healthy dips/spreads, special K crackers, spinach.

-- canned chicken/tuna: i'm not sure if i mentioned this yet, but i love keeping canned tuna and chicken on hand. i can add it to anything (a salad, wrap, pasta) for some protein & flavor without as many points as most meats. they are also easy to take to work. sometimes i use them straight out of the can and sometimes i will add fat free mayo and some spices.

-- spices, spices, spices: if anything ever feels like it doesn't have enough flavor, i rely on the spice rack. it's super packed flavor without extra points. i love using some of the mixes that mccormick's makes like the "italian" spices or a mexican chili powder. i'm also a big fan of nature's seasoning.

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