celebrate {5 years}

it's hard to believe...five years. five years of blog posts. of pictures. of rambling. of growing & learning. in the same way that marriage or friendship or parenting can seem to go so quickly but also so slowly...that is how i feel. i feel as if i have always had a blog. that i don't recall the days when this was not a part of my daily life. but it's only been five years. and then i feel as if it is still such a new adventure. learning technology and all the roles it now plays.

though it may seem silly to some, i am so full of gratefulness for his tiny little piece of the incredibly vast and growing online world. it's a release. it's a means. it is comforting and sometimes stressful. it is steady and incredibly inspiring. it's scary and reassuring all at once . it's full of potential and possibility.

as i sit here writing these words, i feel guilt. a lack of appreciation shown to my readers, my followers, my subscribers. family, friends, strangers. today marks five years and i have no fanfare to share. no prizes to award. no giveaways to excite. all i have are my words and appreciation.

thank you for five wonderful years.

to celebrate, a quick trip down memory lane. where was i this time each year? what was being highlighted in the chronicles each february?

my first post. a welcome. a snapshot of our little family.

a picture-less post. ramblings about color.

another pictureless post. bullets of our weekend. a series, long since gone.

a digital layout. christmas.
the next day...3-d view of the child about to enter our lives.

blog party announcement. recognizing the "anniversary" for the first time.

there ya have it...5 years of february 9th (or thereabouts).

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