celebrating {birthday morning}

last night, i knew i wanted to do something to make coleman's birthday special. since matt has to work tonight and we don't have spencer, there wasn't an organized celebration. that's all happening on friday & saturday. but, still...he's my baby and i wanted to do something. i struggled to come up with something that a two-year-old would get and appreciate. i came up with a cute idea which i will share later (probably tonight). in the meantime, here are some snapshots of this morning - all iphone shots so i apologize for the quality.

the birthday boy with his "say cheese" squinty-eyed grin.
photo editing done with ps express iphone app.

 chilling on mommy's bed, watching mickey mouse clubhouse, playing with the remote.
 he usually doesn't get to watch tv in the morning (well, at least not with me - his daddy lets him do whatever he wants!!)

 one of his new favorite morning activities - playing with bubbles in daddy's sink while i get ready for work.

 all dressed and ready for the day. at AJ's house right before i headed to work.

view coleman's birthday dance HERE

hope you aren't tired of my birthday boy yet...more to come!!!

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