music monday {2.7}

just a quick update...we did not go to harrah's this weekend. but hopefully will be rescheduling soon.

we actually had a very nice sunday, despite the change of plans. we spent last night home watching the super bowl and then, of coure, glee. with so much musical goodness, i figured it would be appropriate fodder for a *music monday* post.

let's start with the super bowl...or more importantly, the halftime show. honestly, i wasn't very excited when i learned that the blackeyed peas were doing the show. it's not that i don't like them. it's just that i like them, not love them. i personally thought the show was very entertaining. i loved all the light up people and special effects. the vocals weren't great but with live performances it is often hard to tell if the folks aren't singing well or if it's more of an equipment issue (i struggle with this during awards shows a lot). BEP music is good party-have-fun-win-a-super-bowl kind of music though. so i can see how it *works*.

but there was one redeeming half-time moment. i had no idea that my beloved usher was going to be there. when i heard will.i.am singing those three little words to start off "omg", i sat straight up and said (yes, it's cliche, but i happened)..."OH MY GOSH is usher there???" and yes, there he was. descending from...well, i don't know exactly. looking spiffy, as usual, in his all-white. i would've preferred to hear more usher, but at least i got a song.

if you missed the halftime show, here it is:
this is over 12 minutes. if you  just want to see usher, skip ahead to 6:50

and then there was glee. luckily, i had managed to sneak in a late afternoon nap, making it possible for me to stay up and watch this very late episode. it goes without saying, but i am so glad glee is back. the episode was good (not great). it can be seen in its entirety here. the intended highlight, of course, was the thriller mash-up. but, i was more tickled at the fact that they did their first ever lady antebellum song (a rare country appearance on this show).

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