2010 savings {recap}

and yet another post to look back on 2010.

as you know, i tracked everything that i spent and saved on groceries, so i thought it made sense to share the final results.

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to clarify, i consider "groceries" to be all of our non-restaurant consumable foods, plus all personal care type items & paper products (everything from shampoo to toilet paper). it also includes diapers, and earlier in the year it included baby food and formula.

we are a family of 3.5 (i say that because spencer is not at our house full-time).

i did a VERY good job of tracking all expenses, except for december -- i got lazy and i think i missed a few trips. and for the record, i will not be tracking in 2011. i proved to myself that it's worth the time & effort to coupon. that's all i needed. without further delay...

total retail value of all grocery items purchased:

total dollars saved:

percent saved:

weekly average spent:

at some point during the year, i stated that i wanted to get my weekly average down to about $125. obviously, i didn't do that. i'd still love to strive for that (but will not track to see if i hit it). overall, i think it's not too shabby! if we can get coleman potty trained, that should lower our average pretty quickly :)

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  1. WOW! Congrats on that! $137 a week is pretty darn good!