this week {adios}

i wanted to make an *official* announcement about the end of my this week posts. i have no idea if anyone actually read these and they were, honestly, done for my own benefit. i was always very late posting them, mainly because i'm typically several weeks behind in uploading & editing photos to include in the posts. i am very grateful that i did this in 2010 and think it's a wonderful documentation of our everyday life. my goal is to have those posts printed into a blog book, which is one of the things on my http://chroniclesofasouthernscrapper.blogspot.com/2010/07/32-32.html list. however, i've grown a bit tired of writing down all of those little things.

i still like the idea of documenting my everyday life on some level. for 2011 i think i'm going to move to a monthly post. i am brainstorming some ways to do this but have a few weeks to finetune the details.

 i will be posting four more weeks of these to wrap up the year.

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