reverb10 {complete + recap}

as you may remember, i participate in a project called reverb10. the point was to write daily, based on prompts, for the month of december. i stated early on that i was backdating all of my posts so they would show up on the blog on the correct date, but i was late posting most all of them. so...here i am, almost a month later and i just wanted to share that  i am finally done. if you missed these posts (due to the backdating) and want to read them, there are a few easy ways to do that...

  • using the blog archive list on the left sidebar, choose december and you will see all of these posts begin with "reverb10" in the title.
  • using the labels list on the left sidebar, choose "story telling". this will bring up other posts as well, but it will include all of the reverb things.
  • using the search bar on the left, type "reverb" and you should get them all in your results.

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