celebrate monday {winter's magic}

yesterday's celebrate monday prompt over at simple scrapper was *winter's magic*...a pretty appropriate choice after the entire country (except florida) got snow last week!

i already shared the details of our snow day with you, but what i didn't cover were the more hidden stories behind our day of winter magic.

110110 Snow 36 - Spencer + Coleman copy

this photo represents so many things. i love that it captures spencer still being able to have foolish fun, despite that he's a texting, girl-crazy tweener. i love that it shows our inadequate winter wardrobes and our tiny little underused sled. i love that the grass is still popping up through the snow on the ground, illustrating that it doesn't take many inches to get southerners excited about a snowfall. i love that the snow is still falling. but none of those tell the most important story of all...

the best story is the story of two brothers. a reckless toddler that idolizes his older sibling, yelling "bubba" everytime he hears someone walking downstairs - even if his bubba isn't at home. an almost teenager who is often too absorbed in video games or texting to give anyone the time of day...anyone except his little brother - his "cinnamon", which is his term of endearment for coleman. that day, on the snowy hill, my toes were frozen, but my heart was warm as i watched a 12 year old boy take such good care of his 22 month old baby brother. i swelled with pride first when he wanted us to trust him enough to let little man go down the hill with him. then again, when he'd use his body to protect him if the ride didn't go quite as planned. i loved when coleman & i were about to go inside, that spencer insisted coleman needed just one last ride down the hill. and when that ride ended roughly, i was proud of spencer for feeling badly that coleman cried, and couldn't help but chuckle that coleman cried much harder when we walked away, taking him home and making him leave his big bubba. the snow was wonderful, but the real magic was in the time spent together.

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