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as you should know, one of my goals is to lose some weight this year. i decided to go ahead and join weight watchers, which i officially did last night. as you are probably aware, anytime i start a new project, i usually talk about it here. so i am sure that i will be posting about my weight loss adventures. if you don't care, i hope you'll keep coming back anyway and just skip them.

Weight Watchers Meetings

a few things about this upcoming adventure...
  • i understand that i'm not obese. (i'm not stupid either). i am technically in my "healthy weight range". the problem is that i'm way at the top of it and i want to be way down at the bottom.
  • i was hesitant to commit to the monthly expense of the weight watchers program but i think the organization, tracking and resources will really help me.
  • a dear friend of mine is taking the journey with me. yay!!!!
  • my schedule is finally clear enough in the evenings that it's not a huge deal to commit to weekly meetings.
  • i am also participating in a 14-week "biggest loser" program on a local message board of mommies. more support is always better.
  • my husband is not a healthy eater. he has said he will be supportive, but he will not. (want an example? today for lunch he made burgers with fries & tots cooked in the fry daddy. seriously!).
  • i hate, hate, hate to exercise. i'm one week into this and haven't done anything "official". this is my biggest hurdle
  • my long-term goal (let's say...by summer???) is to be at the bottom of my healthy range which would be 21 pounds lost. my short-term goal is to lose one pound per week for the first 14 weeks.
so...there you have it. the basic beginning to a new commitment. we'll see how it goes!

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  1. I am going to join tonight too.... still not sure about the meeting next week yet...Thomas is on call. We can chat later about it. PS- I suppose you stayed home today...how was your snow day. I have another one tomorrow...that is going to make for a VERY long end of January and February because our next day off is at the end of March...uuggh! Happy snow day friend!