coleman {23 months}

i'm a slack mama. coleman turned 23 months old on monday. (and i totally skipped 22 months due to the holidays). so, here's a snapshot of my little man...only one month from turning 2!!!
~ he has started saying "amen" after bedtime prayers ~
101225 Christmas Morning 48 - Coleman

~ he loves to line things up - toys, shoes, whatever ~

~ he can take his jacket off by himself ~
101225 Coleman with tee ball set 02

~ he independently walks up and down the stairs (supervised of course) ~

101226 Snow 17 - spencer, coleman copy

~ he experienced his first white christmas ~

~ he is saying more & more complete sentences ~

101226x Fiesta de Navidad 21 - coleman

~ he likes to tell us "bye-bye" and run to the front door ~

~ he loves watching *your baby can read* dvds ~

101229 Coleman playing with bibs 05

~ he climbs a lot. he will move his bigger toys and use them as steps to climb on other things. nothing is safe from his grasp! ~
101229 Bowling 07 - Bo + Coleman

~ he mimics everything we do. ~

~ he loves, loves, loves bathtime ~
101231 NYE + Bowl Game 06 - Coleman

~ he has a deep, hearty laugh. and he thinks it's hilarious ~

110104 Coleman mailing a letter at AJ's

~ he is defiant & independent. qualities i admire, but not so much in a toddler! ~

110108 Coleman's Haircut

~ he no longer has shaggy hair (enter sad face here) ~

110108 Coleman pooped after haircut and IKEA

~ he has learned to roll his eyes. it is funny ~

110109 Spencer + Coleman 06

~ he is all boy. so rough. ~

110110 Snow 18 - Coleman

~ his favorite phase is "i want phone" ~


  1. Weren't you pregnant like... yesterday?? Wow. He is so big! He is so handsome! I loved the post and the pictures!

  2. OH MY...23 months! I can't believe he is almost 2 years old. I can't wait for the birthday celebration. And I TOTALLY relate to the whole toddler thing..it is tiring be a mom to a toddler. :)

  3. adorable!
    I can't believe Coleman is almost 2! that is SO crazy! :o)