photos {snow day}

it's hard to believe we had two snows within a couple of weeks! this "storm" landed about 4" in our yard before turning over to sleet. we were lucky to have a good day of snow fun on monday. by tuesday, everything was solid ice (and our backyard is still covered). i ended up working from home 3 days and spencer missed 3.5 days of school.

110110 Snow 08
our home
110110 Snow 17 - Spencer + Matt copy
when we realized this snow wasn't good for snowball fights and building snowmen, we pulled out the sled. first we tried it in the road. here spencer is trying to push matt down the hill. it didn't work.
110110 Snow 18 - Coleman
110110 Snow 23 - Colton + Tara copy 2
colton and tara joined us for our time in the snow. thanks to a heads up from another family, we headed down the street for a better sledding location.
110110 Snow 24 - Spencer
this worked much better.

110110 Snow 31 - Matt + Coleman copy
matt took coleman for a spin. he loved it.
110110 Snow 33 - Holly copy
even i took a few spins down the hill.
110110 Snow 36 - Spencer + Coleman copy
sledding brothers.
110110 Snow 42 - Spencer
i have no idea what is going on in this picture. but i like it.
110110 Snow 44 - Spencer copy

110110 Snow 47 - Spencer + Coleman

110110 Snow 43 - Spencer + Matt + Coleman copy
my boys
110110 Snow 45 - Colton + Tara copy
colton & tara
110110 Snow 48 - Matt + Coleman
later in the day, we decided to go out again. we tied a rope to the sled and used it to pull coleman down the street.
110110 Snow 51 - Coleman + Spencer
it was sleeting by now, so we didn't keep coleman out quite as long. here he is taking one last ride with spencer before we headed home (matt, warren & spencer stayed out for a while longer).

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