becky higgins photo challenge {look straight down}

a while back, becky higgins started posting occassional photo challenges on her blog. they were simple and doable...yet still intriquing. i shared the first one here: set your camera down. below is the fourth one (obviously, i'm not doing these in any particular order).

fourth: look straight down

101120 Coleman with puzzles 06

coleman adores playing with puzzles. of course, we are always finding bits and pieces everywhere, but it's worth it. his collection seems to keep growing...and he certainly doesn't seem to mind! (photo taken 11.20.2010)

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  1. another fun challenge you are participating in... I found a few that I'm going to try to start implementing... Love the idea of this one though... might have to look through her archives and check out her challenge ideas! maybe if I participate in an actual "scrapping" challenge I'll actually scrapbook?! haha. ;o)