2010 {blog recap}

in early august, i decided to sign up for google analytics. considering that i'm an analyst, and i'm anal, and i love my blog...i was pretty sure i'd be obsessed with checking my stats. i was quite surprised, maybe even impressed, that i have not done that. on the contrary, i rarely check it. (for those that are not familiar, this is a site that will provide stats on your blog about visitors, traffic, etc).

on a few blogs, i noticed folks were posting their 10 most popular posts from last year. i'm all about some lists so i figured this would be a good time to check out my stats! below you will find the most visited blog posts of 2010 (technically only august through december).

if you're new to the chronicles, this is a quick & easy way to see what other folks have been enjoying.

and since we're talking about this blog and last year, let's get a little mushy (just for a minute, i promise). i don't blog for money. i don't blog to get famous. i blog as a creative release. i love to write. i love photos. i like to share things. that's why i'm here. it is so super cool to know that anyone actually takes a minute of their day and comes by to visit. my blog doesn't get a ton of traffic, but when i look at my stats, i'm blown away by the fact that so many people have been here at some point - and from so many places (russia, france, argentina...those are just a few of the 52 different countries!). so whether you know me in my for-real-life or you are a complete stranger, thank you.

101022 Conway Visit 02 - Michelle + Holly

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there were actually three of these in the top 10, so i'm grouping them together.

(10)   {the picture}

sidebar story:
bear with me.
i was wondering how on earth my #3 post for the second half of 2010 was something i'd written back in august of 2009...and it was just photos of us attending a gamecock fan appreciation day. random. so, i started digging around on google analytics (there is SO much cool stuff there), and i started to figure it out. i got 15 unique visitors just from the keyword search "spencer lanning" (gamecock kicker) and nine of them were on the day we played in the SEC championship game. who knew! (well, google knew). oh, the beloved internet...such a weird little creature it is!

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  1. the numbers are fun, aren't they?! I'm still amazed that my single-most-popular post ever is a recipe I shared my first year of blogging!