music monday {bruno mars}

music monday is back and in full effect for 2011 (how you like that throwback lingo?). and actually by "full effect" i really mean "back whenever i feel like posting one". anyway...

today's feature is a current artist that is actually not country and though HE has nothing to do with glee...there is a glee backstory (of course, right?). so, i totally have a music crush on bruno mars right now. spencer likes to take full credit, but really glee started it, and then spencer played a vital role in developing the whole love affair.

several weeks ago, i saw a music video for a song called "grenade". it was new and i said "hmmm, that's pretty good." matt liked it, too. later we'd find out, so does spencer. i commented on the guy's goofy name. i mean, please tell me a mother wouldn't actually name their child bruno mars. after subscribing to rhapsody, spencer was pulling up more bruno mars and guess what??? i actually new two of his other songs and loved them. wanna guess how i knew them? yup, that's right - they'd already been covered by glee. (i told you this guy was good...TWO glee songs already!).

at a later date, spencer and i decided we had to wikipedia this fellow to see if his mama really did name him that. (she didn't). during our research, we learned that he also co-wrote a couple of other great recent (and glee-covered) songs including forget you and billionaire.

so, without further delay, here is the grenade video. below you will find links to all of the other bruno songs that i love (and their glee counterparts). this should give you at least an hour of great music. enjoy!

just the way you are - bruno mars
     this is actually a really cute video
just the way you are - glee cast 
    i could not find a version that actually included the show footage

marry you - bruno mars
     couldn't find the official video for this one (maybe there isn't one???)
marry you - glee cast
love this song. love this scene. totally makes me want to go renew my vows with matt. can you see us dancing down the aisle like that??? uh, NO!
on another note, spencer even agrees that the glee version of this is better than bruno's.

forget you - cee-lo
    for the record, this song is awesome, but this guy can NOT sing. and the *real* version uses another "f" word instead of "forget"...not nice. the link is to a clean version.
forget you - glee cast (gweneth paltrow)
     this is SO much better!!! this is why glee is great. they can un-ruin a song (yes, i just made up a word)

billionaire - travie mccoy
     until i went looking on you tube for this link, i didn't realize there is a non-clean version to this song too. they love the 'f' word :(  as a side note, it's ridiculous that this is actually considered travie mccoy's song when bruno mars is really doing the vocals, but whatever!
billionaire - glee cast

this little fellow, bruno, is obviously a talented songwriter. he's already been busted for cocaine possession (right before his first album debuted in the fall, go figure). i hope he doesn't get caught up in the bad ways of hollywood and waste his talents.

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  1. I l.o.v.e. Bruno Mars! I've got a 12yo daughter, who is really falling hard to peer pressure, so I sing "just the way you are" to her any chance I get! maybe it will have a small effect on her!

    {I didn't know about his drug problems, I, too, hope he doesn't waste hiss talent!}