party {new year's eve}

we had a few friends over on new year's eve to watch the bowl game. since we often have football parties, i decided to gear the decorations to new year's eve instead. i kept it simple and easy. i didn't do a great job of getting photos (of the decor or people). but here are a few shots.

we have never hosted anything for new year's before, so i didn't have any decorations. i was able to pull this together very inexpensively by hitting the holiday clearance section at wal-mart. i chose a silver/white color scheme because i knew it would be easy to put together with things i already owned (i have very little gold).

101231 NYE + Bowl Game 03

i bought silver tinsel and ornament balls which i used to fill these clear vases that i already own. the silver ribbon was also purchased on clearance. i used silver chargers throughout the bar and food table. these were purchased at target for 50% off the day after christmas. they are not christmasy at all and i plan to use them with my regular china which is white & silver (pieces of which were also used on new year's eve).
101231 NYE + Bowl Game 02

i already owned this cheesy silver "spray" centerpiece. i jazzed it up by placing it on a charger, covering the base with tinsel and then surrounding it with ornaments. on clearance, i bought a roll of silver wrapping paper that was not christmasy. i used it to cover the bar area and also put a strip across the food table (on top of a white table cloth). i tried to use all white, silver or clear serving pieces, etc. two small things i purchased (at full price) were a pack of black confetti and a pack of large silver stars.

the night before party, i had absolutely no plan for what i was going to do. so, given that everything was purchased and pulled together the day of the event, i think it turned out pretty well!

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  1. adorable, Holly...
    and might I add, I think I have those silver rimmed glasses! haha. makes me really curious what line of china you have! haha.
    i LOVE the vases with the silvery balls... I actually just bought some colorful ones on clearance to put in kaylie's room on her shelf! they're so fun! totally should have got silver ones for my new room decor...