web wednesday {prizes won}

this week's web wednesday is a bit different than normal. in the past two months, i've won two different giveaways online so i thought i'd share them here and publicly thank the bloggers who hosted them! giveaways are very common in the blogworld. you could spend hours a day entering them, if you chose. i try to limit my entries to things that would be truly exciting if i were to win. needless to say, i was tickled pink about both of these.

Ashley @ AP Free Writing 101 hosted a DaySpring Giveaway. And I WON! i had a blast shopping on their website using my $35 gift card. their site is full of wonderful faith-based products. i was able to purchase a few gifts, as well a couple of treats for myself. here are two of things i bought for me:
101225 Our Christmas Eve 11 - cookies for santa
i love these so much, i opted not to put them up with our christmas stuff so that i can use them year-round.

Michelle @ So, I Married a Mennonite hosted a Tommy Nelson Giveway. and I WON! i have heard a lot of wonderful things about tommy nelson's children's book but we didn't own any! i'm excited that his title, a christmas prayer, is now a part of our christmas book collection. i was also pleased to realize, when it arrived, that it's a board book - perfect for coleman!

thanks to ashley & michelle!!!

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  1. Congrats on your winnings!
    And haha... totally posted about my prize from Celebrate Monday, this morning! LOL!