dieting for dummies {1.23}

this past week, i hit my first milestone of 5 pounds lost! my first 5lb reward was a short sleeve sweater, coordinating sparkly shirt and some matching bracelets for an upcoming trip (total cost = $30).

healthy mexican
one of my weaknesses is mexican food. it's one of the things that i knew i'd miss most. often times, when matt was working, i'd make a mexican concoction for supper. some combination of tortillas/chips, cheese, refried beans, cheese, ground beef, cheese, jalapenos, cheese...

well, it turns out i can have my cake mexican and eat it too. on a whim, i picked up an avocado at the grocery store. it's pretty bland so i added some cajun flavored powder stuff i found in my pantry. a wheat tortilla with the avocado and some black beans...pretty darned tasty!!!  and the next night, i ate the same thing but added a bit of spinach to my "wrap". point value? only SIX. and yes, it was actually quite filling.

italian wrap
after falling in love with the above-mentioned mexican wrap, i decided to try an italian version. i began with the same wheat tortilla and then layered pepperoni and mozzarella cheese (part-skim). i warmed it in the microwave enough to melt the cheese and then added raw spinach. the spinach just helps give it a bit more substance (in my opinion) and keeps it from getting too dry. i didn't have any, but a nice addition would have been to drizzle on some reduced fat italian dressing as well.

i've always felt like you had to drop alcohol completely to lose weight, but that's really not true. my drinks of choice are usually a glass of white wine or miller lite - both of which are 3 points. i found out that miller 64 is only 2 points and i enjoy that so i have made a point to purchase that for myself. as long as i have a decently controlled day, it's perfectly fine for me to add 3 or 6 points to some evenings. weight watchers note: i did learn that you can not use the WW point calculator with alcoholic beverages. the points will not be accurately counted due to the sugars in the alcohol.

food favorites: edamame, hot water with lemon, soup
yucky things that didn't work: plain greek yogurt with stuff added to it. not a fan.

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  1. Congrats on the 5lb mark!!!

    Hol... are you a chili fan?! if so, I'll send you a YUMMY, EASY, CHEAP, healthy chili recipe! :o) its my fave!!!