{blogs i follow}

this post lists every single blog that is in my google reader. i've been wanting to do this post for a while, and have been working on it for a few weeks - it was pretty time consuming. but now that i've done an official list, i can just let you know if i find a new blog worth following.

i thought about adding a few lines of text to each blog - explaining why i follow it or how i found it. but it's already such a long post, i decided to skip that. maybe over time, i will do some "feature" posts on my favorite blogs. i did one about elsie's and that was fun. anyway...if you are bored this weekend, here are lots and lots of links! i grouped them as logically as i could, and then put some miscellaneous ones at the end. some of these i've been following for years, while others i just joined up last week.

{Paper Scrapbooking + Crafting}

author: elsie flannigan

author: becky higgins

author: various contributors

author: elise joy blaha

author: jennifer mcguire

author: sarah milne

author: stacy julian

author: various contributors

author: monica

author: ali edwards

{Digital Scrapbooking + Hybrid}

author: store blog
you can find the website here.

author: kayla lamoreaux
you can find the full website here.

author: jessica sprague (professional site)

author: jessica sprague (personal site)

author: katie nelson

author: kelleigh ratzlaff

simple scrapper
author: jennifer s. wilson

author: various contributors

{People I Know}

author: roxanne

author: melissa

proverbs thirty-one & beyond
author: cassidy

punker-do designs
author: jill

author: lindsay

{Party Planning}

author: jen

author: shannon

author: jennifer sbranti

author: kelly lyden

{Savings + Coupons}

author: jenny

author: mercedes


author: rachel webb

author: me

author: lindsay alexander

author: jennifer mckinney

author: gabrielle blair

author: marta

author: marie lebaron (and other contributors)

gamecock sports blog

author: angie warren (plus other contributors)

author: lindsay alexander

author: jessica turner

the mother huddle
author: various contributors



  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my site -you made my day! :) Also thanks for the great blog links - I found a few to add to my reader . Hope you have a great day! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the props to my site. I need to add an update to mine...in honor of your post. I hope all is well. Thinking of you friend... Love ya!