raised eyebrows {3.4.2010}

i know i've found something nifty online when my eyebrows pop up! so, here are a few things that have raised my eyebrows recently:

*1* these two nifty ideas from the creative mama. after seeing both of these, i had to subscribe to her blog. clearly she's a "type a" after my own heart.  

*2* as i posted earlier this week, i recently purchased some black/white houndstooth rainboots to match the umbrella i got for christmas. so, i got to thinking...it'd be awesome to get a matching rain hat (granted, i have no idea when i'd really wear all of this...but seriously - i just love cute accessories). so, when i want something that i can't find...i head to etsy.

it's not a rain hat, but i'm loving this one from BKMHattitude

and then this one from moonflower20. seriously. i'm in love!

*3* another new blog subscription: martha writes. i was tickled to see her workshop this week. i have read a few posts, but haven't caught up on them all yet...but if you are a blogger, or a small business owner, or both, or thinking about either...definitely worth reading. if you go to her blog, she has the posts all linked up right there at the top.

*4* i confess that i haven't tried this yet, but after reading this rave review, it's on my to-do list :) if you are looking to learn any computer programs...looks like a good place to go!

*5* i was really moved and inspired by this post by becky higgins. i truly, honestly hope that i can instill this level of creativity and confidence in coleman.


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