{coleman's one year check-up}

hi everyone! it's me, coleman. today, i had my one year appointment with dr cook and my mommy said it would be ok for me to use her blog to let everyone know how it went. she even was smart and took some pictures of me on her phone while we were there. sure would've been nice of her if she'd gotten me dressed first, huh?

anyway, we started out in the waiting room of course. and this is always the best part of the doctor trips. i mean, you can keep your clothes on, there are no needles, and sometimes i get to play with some toys or something. today there was a little boy there, just like me. he was 2 days younger than me. he even had the same name as my daddy! cool, huh?

so, finally they called me and mommy back to see the doctor. after they stripped me down to just my lil ole diaper, they dumped me on a scale. i weigh 23 pounds and 3 ounces. i'm in the 50th percentile for weight (whatever that means!). next they held me down so they could measure my length and head - HATE that. i am 30" long which is the 75th percentile (huh???). THEN, that mean ole nurse pricked my finger for some iron test thingy. i mean, what's up with that? but no worries, i am a big boy and i didn't even flinch! she wrapped a big ole band-aid around my tiny little finger, which provided me with plenty of entertainment the rest of the visit.
after waiting just a few minutes, dr cook came in. he and mommy talked about all the neat tricks i can do (like i'm a dog or something). he poked and prodded at me. shined a light in my eyes and ears. tried to shove a stick down my throat. i was NOT happy with that! finally he left me alone and said i was perfect. turns out that doctor is pretty smart after all!!! i'm not exactly sure what they were talking about, but he said i didn't have to get my MMR until next time (in three months) and mommy seemed really relieved about that.

so, just when i thought we were done and dr cook leaves....here comes that nurse again. i should've known something was up when mommy gave me my pacifier and tried to look all sweet and innocent. then BAM a big ole needle right in the leg. and then BAM another one. you can forget that "big boy" stuff from the earlier finger prick. i wailed like a baby for this one. OUCH! the nurse must have felt really guilty because she came back in and gave me a book about fire trucks!!!  and a few minutes of cuddles with my mommy, and i was good to go!!!

after all of that, i was super tired. i took a nice nap in the car on the way to miss aj's house.


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