lom {lesson 1 - least common layout}

as i mentioned in this post, i needed to create a layout that combined my least common categories (places, us, where, and why). i tend to associate the library of memories more with paper scrapbooking (though there is no logical reason why). however, i knew if i realistically wanted to do this assignment in the near future, it'd get done more quickly if i did it digitally. ultimately, the point is to capture memories so it doesn't really matter how that's accomplished, now does it??? exactly.

so, i did this last week while watching american idol:

seven years: the first set of photos was taken just days before matt and i got married; before we became an official family. the 2nd set shows how our family had recently grown. these illustrate how so much can change, while some things remain a constant.

photos taken 4.7.2002 & 9.7.2009 @ GLENCAIRN GARDENS IN ROCK HILL
as always - i used a layered digital template, for which i take no credit. i used a freebie kit and i'm horrible and keeping up with who designs what.

i just added this layout to the LOM galley...Lesson ONE is officially DONE (better late than never).


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