this week {3.8 to 3.14}

~ matt's mom went in for a heart catherization on monday ~

~ i stayed home with coleman on monday so matt could be with his mom; then we switched off in the afternoon ~

~ then it turns out she had to have open heart surgery. see post here. ~

~ i did not go to ohio for work, as planned ~

~ we learned that middle school sports are being cut out of spencer's school district ~

~ spencer was invited to join the palmetto thunder (a travel baseball team). see post here. ~

~ we picked spencer up from school with baseball balloons tied to the car (and queen's we are the champions playing loudly) ~

~ we took spencer to be fitted for his new uniform ~

~ matt's mom was in the hospital all week. we both spent a lot of time up there, but matt especially ~

~ cooper puked one night ~

~ coleman had a bad tummy ache one day/night ~

~ we had a thunderstorm ~

~ matt found out about some pretty big changes at work and a bunch of people with his company were laid off. ~

~ we threw away some dean's dip because of a recall ~

~ scott came over to hang out ~

~ coleman's daycare provider got pnemonia and had to go to the hospital (twice); as a result she was closed on friday ~

~ i ended up not going into the office the entire week ~

~ i digitally designed star wars cupcake toppers and wrappers for a friend ~

~ i found out mom had to go to the doctor because of a stomach virus ~

~ mom was admitted into the hospital because it wasn't just a stomach virus. see post here. ~

~ i got caught up on photo editing and blog posts ~

~ i took 6 pictures all week. that's it. now you know how i was able to get caught up. ~

coleman is always pulling his socks off like this.

instead of toilet paper, this time it was a box of kleenex.

{savings tracker}
spent = $17.95; saved = $0 (0%)
matt made a beer run at the gas station. that is all the shopping we did all week. oh, and we got take-out, a lot. way too much. tough week.
annual savings = $952 (42%)


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