{britt for county council}

today my brother-in-law, britt blackwell, announced his candidacy for county council. matt, coleman and i attended his campaign launch event (spencer was in school). i must confess i am not much into politics. i know what i believe, what is important to me, and how i stand on bigger issues. but i do not follow politics on any level - local, state, or national. i educate myself enough to vote, but not much beyond that. it's just not my "thing".

but, britt is a conservative republican and being family, obviously i know his views on things and that we line up pretty closely. i would support family in any endeavor, but i also support his political career. he has served on both local and state school boards, and decided county council was the next step for him.

unfortunately, i don't have many *connections* to really help him out, but i will do what i can. i was able to answer some of his facebook questions. i made a flyer for the launch event. and we will eventually host a "meet and greet" at our home. i have made sure everyone i know in his district knows that he's running so they can at least read up on his views to see if they might want to support him.

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