{rockin' the consigment sale}

i recently attended a local consignment sale - the upscale weesale. since coleman just had christmas and a birthday and doesn't need another toy until he's 12, my purpose was 100% clothing. and that's what i got. before his birthday, his summer wardrobe consisted of a couple of t-shirts i had snatched off the target clearance racks and one pair of orange shorts that i was pretty sure wouldn't fit him. he got a few super cute things for his birthday, but i definitely had some shopping to do.

here's my stash:

the far left outfit is an adorable one-piece plaid polo romper...how flippin' cute!
the middle outfit will definitely get some serious wear at all of those baseball games in our future.
and the one on the right - LOVE the combo of turquoise and orange.

this is all from gymboree and was grouped together as two outfits and everything already matched. how easy. i think i paid $15 for everything here. notice the matching hat, shoes, belt, etc.

have you noticed a pattern yet? plaid rules.
based on my experience last season, i made sure that i matched everything into outfits before i purchased it. i didn't want to be stuck needing "a green t-shirt here and khaki shorts there".

a few random things - a bathing suit and matching sandals, camo shoes, plain denim overalls (he's outgrown all of his), a polo shirt and USC outfit

four sets of pajamas (one is not picture below)

thought this little sleeveless rompers would be good for the super hot days.

and a few dressier items. it took a lot of willpower to not buy more dress shirts (there were so many adorable ones) but i reminded myself that realistically he wouldn't be wearing this stuff very often. you will probably see the blue striped shirt and vest reappear on easter :) i love that gap's dress shirts are onesies. so smart!

so, in conclusion...for a mere $108, i got:

11 - t-shirts
4 - dressier tops
8 - rompers/overalls
5 - shorts
4 - PJ sets
3 - shoes
1 - hat
1 - belt
1 - bathing suit

total # of items = 38
average price per item = $2.84
the best part is that almost everything i bought was name brand (gap, polo, tommy hilfiger, gymboree, children's place, old navy). a few of the basic tees were from target or wal-mart.

i know i should just dress my child in these adorable clothes and let everyone assume that i'm blowing $40 on a polo outfit for my one year old, but where's the fun in that???? i'd much rather brag about my bargains!

oh - one last thing...a *shout out* to my nephew, bo, for getting me an early pass to the sale. he's dating the daughter of the lady that runs it. handy little relationship. hope they don't break up anytime soon :)


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  1. I have a double ditto for you on dressing them in things people "think" we paid lots for... :) :) Great minds think alike! :)