i am totally ready for spring, but i must confess that when it started to snow earlier today, i did a little happy dance inside...only because i knew i had an excuse to wear these:

i have another confession related to this recent rainboot purchase. target has several cute pairs. lindsay (the photographer) has the ones pictured above and i didn't want to be a copycat so i actually bought the pair that are black with colorful polka dots. super cute. then a few days later (luckily before i wore them), it clicked that my adorable new umbrella that santa put in my stocking is black/white houndstooth. HELLO. i had to exchange the boots. i happened to have the umbrella in hand at the return counter in target and told the cashier what i was doing (as if she cared). she laughed. whatever.


we are getting some HUGE snowflakes and i tried to capture that on my iPhone camera, but these pictures just don't do the size of the flakes any justice. It's been snowing for many hours but it's only just now starting to stick.


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