{health update}

since i posted about my family's health woes, i thought i should provide an update:

matt's mom is being moved from the hospital to a nearby rehab facility. she is expected to stay there 3-5 more days. her heart issues are doing well, but they are not pleased with her breathing and she can't go home until that improves (she has asthma, which doesn't help matters).

my mom is doing well. she is still in the hospital but will most likely go home tomorrow and has even been cleared for work on wednesday (which seems a bit soon to me). her body was able to fix itself without surgery thankfully. her doctor referred to her ailment as "a cold of the GI tract". a very painful cold.

aj (that watches coleman). i know i didn't post about this originally, but she also was at the hospital twice recently. she is on the mend and has her house full of kids again today. bless her heart.

i am hoping and praying that everyone is on the mend and things will start to return to normal for a while. no more sickness!!!


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  1. I continue to pray for you all!! :)