{how can such a huge heart be so weak?}

the lady featured in all of these pictures is my mother-in-law, matt's mom, spencer and coleman's grandmother...joanne. or as the grandkids call her, just "jo".

she is so loving and giving. she's the "give you the shirt of her back" type. she is motherly and nurturing.

she is a fantastic cook and a sickening wonderful housekeeper. she is a loyal and devoted friend.

so, i don't understand how a heart that is SO HUGE can be so weak. maybe it's been overworked?

she went in for a heart cath this morning and we were hoping for some stints. unfortunately, that's not the news we were given. tomorrow afternoon (tuesday), she will have triple bypass open heart surgery. any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

trying to see the bright side of an unexpected and scary situation...at least they caught it before she had a heart attack and they are able to do the surgery right away. we are feeling blessed that all of this is happening on a week when matt is off from work and can be there to support his family - his father in particular, who is taking it so hard. i am feeling blessed to have a job and a boss that says, without blinking an eye, that it's totally OK to not fly to ohio as planned and to be with my family and not worry about work until i feel like i can. so...we are all scared, and worried, but it will be OK. she's an incredibly strong woman and she's going to be just fine.


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  1. Holly---you know that I am am saying a prayer for all of you. Please tell Matt that his mother is in my prayers. I love ya' girl!