{when it rains, it pours}

wow, what a week it's been.

this is my mama...

i got a call last night to let me know she had a stomach virus and my sister (who lives in the same town as her) had to take her to the doctor. she was dehydrated and had to get fluids through an iv.

but the news this morning wasn't very good. after waking up, i learned that my sister had to take her to the er overnight. they are waiting on results from a second set of x-rays right now. it might be some type of intestinal blockage, rather than just a virus.

so, here i wait. pacing. waiting to see if coleman and i are about to take a road trip. i guess we are about to learn just how understanding my job/boss really is...
please pray. my sister says she's in a lot of pain. and this is one tough woman.


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  1. Holly--- Please let me know about your mom. Keep me updated...I am here for you, in anyway possible. Love ya friend!