{parenting is tough}

yeah, i know...not exactly groundbreaking news there. in the last couple of days, i've gone from being an incredibly proud stepmama, to a very disappointed and shocked one. i guess it's just the rollercoaster ride of parenting. on top of that, i didn't see my baby at all last night (because i was shopping) and then he slept late this morning so i saw him about 10 minutes before work. i need some serious snuggle time with my munchkin. i'm looking forward to this weekend with all of my boys. hopefully it'll be a fun, relaxing ending to a rollercoaster week that was definitely not relaxing.



  1. I second the tough part. Maybe it's something in the water this week. Sorry Spencer's been tough. Braeden has given us a run for our money this week so I'm right with you on the relaxing weekend...and maybe better attitudes too:)

    Hang in there!!

  2. Uh oh....let's talk. OH yeah...and ditto on the rough thing! :)