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saint patrick's day is right around the corner. and anyone that knows me, knows how much i love this holiday. it's one of my favorites! first i thought i'd link you back to previous posts related to the luckiest day of the year:

 i couldn't resist digging around the internet for some clever ideas. some i might try out this year, some i'm saving for when coleman is older, and some are just too much for me, but i thought they were cute so i'm sharing them anyway.

this first one is my favorite. if you don't follow any others, at least click on this one. the project itself isn't something i'm going to jump up and do right away - but i liked some of the holiday related information provided in the post!

linked to this post shamrock badges, from design mom

you can download this free lucky word art from the ScrapStreet blog.

Rainbow Cupcakes and Toppers from Make and Takes
Instructions for rainbow cupcakes can be found here.

very cute Pot of Gold, also from Make and Take

Saw this cute idea at family fun. it's cute in a lime, but would also be adorable (and easier) in those plastic black kettles you can buy at party city and such!

family fun also featured this coloring page. you can download the free pdf here.

over at two peas, i found this cute poem idea for "leprechaun poo". i thought this would be particularly cute for an older boy (like spencer)...they think anything with "poo" is funny. this uses green jelly beans but you could substitute with any green treat.

i'm not big on irish food so we usually have green pancakes on st patrick's day. however, this "updated" shepherd's pie recipe sounds like something we might eat! it's from kraft foods.


another printable, but maybe for older kids - a word search from nestle. click here for the jpeg file

these leprechaun hat cookies are absolutely adorable. they are WAY too complicated for a no-patience baker like myself, but maybe someone else out there is feeling a bit more adventurous :)

lucky charms offers a variety of printables - coloring sheets, cupcake decorations, cake stencils, and party decorations.


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