this week {3.22 to 3.28}

~ it was teacher appreciation week at spencer's school. monday we sent in some candy and flowers. tuesday was cleaning supplies and bird seed. wednesday was pasta and classroom supplies. ~

~ i woke up monday with a cold ~

~ i set up two more appointments for spencer ~

~ i copied some "cheat sheets" of baby sign language from daycare ~

~ i printed my nephew's soccer and track schedules ~

~ i went to bed at 8:00 on monday night ~

~ i had an eye doctor appointment ~

~ i shopped at rite aid and harris teeter ~

~ i submitted rite aid SCRs online ~

~ i created a new blog for the dalton help foundation ~

~ i signed up to get staples' rebates via email ~

~ spencer was with us for several extra days while his mom and stepdad were out of town ~

~ matt's uncle passed away ~

~ i finally cleaned up the dining room ~

~ i watched american idol and updated the idol pool information ~

~ i bought a cute set of candy wrapper digital templates from jessicasprague.com ~

~ i had to pick coleman up from daycare because he had a fever ~

~ i hosted a social committee meeting ~

~ i picked spencer up from school and took him to one of his appointments ~

~ coleman had a really bad night and ended up sleeping with me. teething ~

~ we got a hail storm ~

~ we visited jo and jim ~

~ spencer had his first rec baseball game of the season (they lost but he had a good game) ~

~ spencer had rec ball practice, but didn't make it to travel ball practice ~

~ matt, coleman and i did some shopping at kohl's ~

~ spencer and i worked on his menu science project, which included making brownies ~

~ spencer had his first "puberty class" at school ~

~ spencer had an appointment with his pediatrician ~

~ matt's mom had to go to the ER, which is where matt spent his friday night ~
gall bladder issues - she will eventually need surgery :(

~ we had our first easter neighborhood event ~
more pictures to come...

~ i was a bad mommy and let coleman's face get a little sunburned ~

~ scott came over to hang out ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $147; saved = $144 (49%)
annual savings = $1,194 (42%)
average spent per week for a family of 3.5 = $135


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