christmas {ready}

the last few weeks, my brain has gradually been moving into christmas mode. i've printed some downloads for planning purposes. i've pondered gift ideas. i realized i was getting tired of my fall decor. i've been itching to download the glee christmas album. you get the point.

091219 Christmas Tree in den 02

today, i decided...i'm officially ready. i'm ready for christmas. and so it's begun...

today, i packed up the fall decor and it's safely tucked away in our attic for the next ten months. today, i took inventory of the "gift closet" and made lists. today, i began putting together my christmas binder. today, i wrapped the first batch of gifts. today, coleman and i listened to christmas music. i'm ready. the house is ready to be decorated. it's time.

no worries. we aren't going to forget about thanksgiving, but we have some extended time with spencer next week and it's the perfect time for us, as a family, to started enjoying the season. bring it!

091225 Our Christmas Eve 07 - Family in PJs

photos are from christmas 2009

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