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today, i'm over at one of my favorite blogs, marta writes, with a guest post: how to create a gift wrap station. it addresses ideas and tips on how to gather your wrapping supplies for the holiday season (and beyond). it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive (though, those are nice!). to correspond with the "how to" post, i thought i'd share some snapshots of how i organize my stuff.

as you can see, i was serious about "not fancy" part! click the image to view it larger.

my wrapping supplies are organized in a variety of containers. but the important thing is that they are (1) organized (2) easy to access and (3) kept in close proximity to each other.

wrapping rolls: stored in a tall plastic container designed for this very purpose. it came with a top cover, which i've chosen not to use so that i can store longer rolls that wouldn't fit with the top closed.

gift bags + large gift boxes: stored in two plastic containers (which i believe i purchased at home depot design center). the boxes are stored folded flat with the smallest sizes in the front and largest in the back. gift bags are also stored folded, by size. the only difference is that the largest ones are actually in the middle with christmas on one side and all other designs/themes on the other size. 

tissue paper + tools: in a smaller version of the same plastic containers, i keep my tissue paper (folded) and my tool stash. my "must have" tools are a pair of scissors, a sharpie (or two), invisible tape, double-sided taped and/or tape runner. since my wrapping area is also in my scrapbook room, my tool stash is minimal. i have lots of tools at my disposal if needed (punches, paper trimmer, etc).

ribbon: on the inside of my closet door, i attached racks intended for kitchen use. in them, i store large and small rolls of curling ribbon.

other stuff: on shelving right outside of the closet, i have a few helpful things (1) a container of paper scraps - great for creating last minute tags (2) a box of greeting cards - handmade or store bought (3) card making supplies

if you ended up here from marta writes, welcome to the chronicles and thanks for swinging by.

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