photos {trip to conway}

last month, coleman and i took a road trip down to conway (where my mom and sister live). every year, my sister hosts a pumpkin carving event but this is the first year we've been able to go down for it. we had a nice, relaxing weekend with family!

101022 Conway Visit 01 - Coleman in the car 02
swaying to the music on the drive down
101022 Conway Visit 02 - Michelle + Holly
little sister sharing middle sister wine with her middle sister

101022 Conway Visit 09 - Maggie + Coleman
maggie + coleman
we saw this random mystery machine outside of a store...couldn't resist the photo op.
101022 Conway Visit 16 - Holly + Coleman copy
coleman, after his bath, with his mommy
101023 Conway Visit 05 - Coleman with nose bulb
he had a bad runny nose that weekend. he figured out how to do the nasal bulb on his own.
it was hilarious.
101023 Pumpkin Carving 02 - Holly
getting ready for the pumpkin carving
101023 Pumpkin Carving 08
let the festivities begin

101023 Pumpkin Carving 17 - Coleman
coleman painting his pumpkin. fun!

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  1. I have not tried painting with G yet....I probably should do that, but I fear the mess. I know, I know...I should be less type A. It looks like you had a great time!!