photos {pumpkin patches}

last month, we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patches. we are lucky to have several nearby and we usually hit a couple. this year, we visited two. one included lots of great activities, while the second is our favorite for actually choosing our pumpkins.

101016 Pumpkin Patches 01 copy

101016 Pumpkin Patches 12 - 4 of us copy 2
a nice lady on the hayride took this photo of the four of us. i love it because it's so "everyday us".
101016 Pumpkin Patches 19 - tractor copy2
i had a blast editing this fanastic photo of the old tractor that pulled us on the hayride. i created several different versions of it...i can't even choose a favorite.
101016 Pumpkin Patches 22 - Coleman
coleman had a good time climbing on hay bales. it was super fun this year since he was old enough to do things and really enjoy himself.
101016 Pumpkin Patches 31 - Spencer with pig
oh...what a story here! for some reason, the pigs took quite a liking to spencer. he showed them a little attention and the next thing we knew, one of them had put his front legs on spencer (like a dog) and was liking his shirt. spencer was filthy afterwards, but he thought it was the coolest thing. i'm pretty sure, given the option, he would've brought them home as pets!
101016 Pumpkin Patches 32 - Coleman
nothing like driving a tractor made of hay...
101016 Pumpkin Patches 38 - Spencer copy
spencer's modeling shot.
101016 Pumpkin Patches 42 - S+C copy
fun in the hay...it was everywhere (even in coleman's diaper).
101016 Pumpkin Patches 71 - S+C copy
"bubba...please don't squeeze my brains out my ears."
101016 Pumpkin Patches 74 - Coleman
my favorite part of this photo is spencer's shadow.

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