this week {11.22 to 11.28}

101122 Coleman + Kaelen at AJs
coleman at daycare

~ i watched a movie: when in rome ~

~ i watched a not-so-great chick flick. can't even remember the name. ~

~ i worked out the details of my holiday vacation time ~
101123 Coleman doing art at AJs 01
coleman making a craft at daycare

~ i received my diaper order from amazon ~

~ i received my sock order from gilt ~

~ i had a big meeting at work. glad it's over ~

~ i took a vacation day on wednesday, but ended up working at home most of the morning ~

~ scott came over ~

~ i grocery shopped at harris teeter and bi-lo ~

~ i continued working on my photo process, trying to get caught up ~

~ coleman turned 21 months old ~

~ matt made us a nice steak dinner ~
101125 Thanksgiving 03 - Coleman on iPhone
~ we celebrated thanksgiving with matt's family ~
101125 Carolina Christmas 19 - H+C on carousel copy
~ the four of us went to the carolina christmas light show at charlotte motor speedway ~

~ we ate at a texas steakhouse that we'd never tried before ~

~ christina + johnathan came by for a visit while they were in town ~

~ i did some black friday shopping online: home depot, wal-mart and kohl's ~

~ spencer came up with a workout plan for the winter ~

~ spencer and i put together two of his baseball training aids ~

~ i got some of the christmas decorations out of the attic ~
101127 Spencer putting tree up in his room 02
~ i hung wreaths on the windows and helped spencer put the tree up in his room ~
101128 Shopping lists
~ i created a shopping list for sunday ~

~ on saturday, coleman and i went to hibbett sports to do an exchange and the college shoppe ~
101127 USC beats Clemson toast 01
~ USC beat Clemson for the second year in a row. Gamecocks wrapped up the season 9-3 ~

~ i posted spencer's old bedroom furniture on craigs list ~

~ sherry watched coleman while i did some christmas shopping ~

~ i shopped at target, best buy, dick's and michael's ~

~ i wasted a ton of time trying to fix the dvd-rom on my laptop. it didn't work. ~

~ i bought the glee christmas cd ~

~ i finished reading the book of ezekiel ~
101126 Coleman taking photo on iPhone 02
~ coleman learned how to take pictures on my iphone (sort of) ~

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