wine {middle sister}

let me tell you about a cute little company called: middle sister wines

this is the wine that started it all... "drama queen" pinot grigio. matt was SO proud of himself for finding this marketing genius wine (he knows how i buy my wine...based on the label's cuteness quotient). at first, i was insulted that he seemed to think i was a drama queen. but since i specifically requested pinot grigio, i let him off the hook.

after seeing the brand "middle sister" and knowing i was going to visit my own *middle sister* that weekend, i HAD to make a trip to target. i surveyed the sister selection and settled on *goodie two-shoes*. it was a pinot noir. i had no idea if she even likes that type of wine, but i had to get it anyway! we shared some of the bottle while i was there...turns out she likes it :)

101022 Conway Visit 02 - Michelle + Holly

on their website, you can even take a quiz to see which sister you are...

Mischief Maker

turns out i'm a *mischief maker*...i don't think so :)

You're a Mischief Maker. You like to stir the pot. And because it's usually filled with one of your fabulous culinary creations, you have lots of friends. Maybe sometimes your schemes go a bit awry, like the time you tried to fix up your brother with Cameron Diaz. But whereas the rest of the world is gray, you are a brilliant, shining rainbow of bodaciousness. We toast your unquenchable spirit with Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon.

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