gratitude {the list}

as part of my attempt to focus on gratitude this month, i thought i would start with the basics...listing things for which i'm grateful. i will continue (randomly) throughout the month to see how long the list can grow. these lists will include anything from the *big* to the *small*, *important* to *not so much*. i'm sure this first list will be one of the longest.

today i am incredibly grateful for...

(1) my growing faith

(2) our home
100614 Our House

(3) technology that makes staying in touch so easy

(4) a kick butt sister that watches coleman a lot
091230 Sherry + Coleman celebrating Sherry's bday

(5) discovering inspired to action and implementing my morning quiet time

(6) my hubby that loves me despite my muffin top
Matt & Holly

(7) the gamecocks having a decent season (even if they did just get slaughtered by arkansas)
101009 USC v Alabama 22 - newspaper

(8) friends that we can rely on no matter what
090912 Spencer's Bday Party 37 - Scott and Cameron

(9) cute shoes

(10) having a wonderful woman that watches coleman when we can't
100929 Coleman + AJ

(11) my iPhone

(12) music

(13) that my toddler loves music as much as i do

(14) travelling safely to and from cleveland last week

(15) water

(16) cute note pads

(17) texting as a source of communication when chatting isn't an option

(18) my laptop
090121 Laptop working on photos

(19) clearance finds at target

(20) hot tea
090507 Hot Tea

(21) blogging

(22) coffee
100421 Coffee + Granola Bar

(23) pumpkin spice creamer that is available in grocery stores

(24) good neighbors
090501 Neighbors 01 - on porch

(25) having so many boys coleman's age on our street

(26) spencer being such a good student
100602 5th grade graduation 05 - Spencer getting diploma

(27) free digital scrapbooking classes

(28) having a job in this horrible economy
091117 Sales Meeting

(29) my husband having a job in this horrible economy
100720 Beach Vacation 03 - bowater

(30) awesome coaches

(31) microsoft excel

(32) fun little notebooks
100420 Notebooks

(33) color. color. color.

(34) microwaves

(35) flash drives

(36) mcdonalds french fries
100808 Picnic at Fewell Park 03

(37) a cool mom who makes me fun stuff like aprons!

(38) a family full of scrapbookers!
100129 Scrappin' Sisters 02

(39) gray

(40) rubber-like covers for my phones that absorb the shock of crashing to the floor

(41) sticky notes

(42) the internet

(43) DVR

(44) Glee

(45) good books
091004 Book + Coffee

(46) the Bible my father-in-law bought me several years ago

(47) blogs

(48) for a washer that lasted 9+ years and only cost $250

(49) for a dryer that only cost $250 and 9+ years later is still working

(50) online shopping

ok, i think *50* is a good place to stop!!! i guess i should feel blessed that it was easy to hit 50 and i could easily keep going!


  1. Love this Hol.
    And I just may have to single white female you and post it on my blog... if I ever find time. :o)
    Glad to see you back posting again... got into a morning routine of clicking your site...

  2. And I am thankful to have you as a friend! I hope you are doing well. Miss ya!