{happy thanksgiving}

happy. happy. happy thanksgiving!

yesterday, matt and i were both not feeling very well. so, this morning, we are thankful for feeling better and being in better spirits. i'm thankful that coleman is napping right now (before we head out) and that we have family with which we will celebrate this day. i am thankful for our plans for this evening and looking forward to welcoming the christmas season officially.

in honor of this day, here is the final installment of my gratitude list...

if you missed the first two, you can find one through fifty here and fifty-one through one hundred here.

(101) glue

(102) umbrellas

(103) books borrowed from my sister

(104) harris teeter

100402 Matt + Spencer + Coleman 04
(105) matt's recliner

White Wine Cake
(106) white wine cake

(107) flash drives

Deviled Eggs
(108) deviled eggs

(109) antique stores

(110) macy's thanksgiving day parade

(111) guest posting

(112) mucinex-d

(113) writing prompts

090316 Calendar
(114) calendars

(115) highlights

(116) spencer being old enough to watch "adult" shows with us

(117) spencer liking the same types of shows as us

(118) being able to return things you've bought

100420 Notebooks
(119) journals

(120) hygeine products

100721 Beach Vacation 04 - Coleman with iPhone
(121) flashcard app on my iphone

(122) evernote

(123) good doctors

Cooper in Blanket
(124) throw blankets

(125) lady antebellum

(126) fleece

(127) awards shows

(128) christmas music

(130) baby wipes

(131) gloves

(132) insurance

(133) ziploc bags

(134) dried cranberries

(135) steak

(136) cell phone chargers for your car

(137) chapstick

101016 Pumpkin Patches 53 - horses
(138) horses

(139) cuddleduds

(140) christmas lights

(141) cameras and photographs

Coleman's First Birthday Party
(142) fantastic photographers

(143) game shows

{ivory} day 1
(144) pretty jackets

(145) airplanes

(146) country music

(147) free desktop wallpapers

(148) you tube

Gorgeous sunflower
(149) sunflowers

(150) all things cowboy/western

i apologize if any are repeats. i tried not to, but didn't check the first lists to be sure. and i could definitely keep going. so blessed. so much for which to be grateful.

i hope you and your family are celebrating your blessings and gratitude today.
happy thanksgiving.

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  1. Isn't it great to have so many things to be thankful for!! I hope you had a great day and ate bunches of great food!! I will call you tomorrow about Saturday...and....GOOOO COCKS!!