{stuck in the middle}

this week i had quite the *lightbulb* moment. it began as the guys in my office excused themselves at random times throughout the days...thanksgiving lunches, teacher conferences, school plays. it clicked that, for the first time in my adult life, i didn't have these school things to attend. spencer had moved up to middle school where the parental interaction is reduced to practically nothing. and though coleman is in an awesome home daycare, he's not yet at the point of school events that will begin in kindergarten.

i also heard about a place in north carolina that offers a polar express experience - train ride, hot chocolate, tickets and bells. i was so excited! i couldn't wait to share with matt...who looked at me like i had four heads and asked who we'd be taking to such a thing. once again, i realized we were "stuck". stuck in the middle of two age groups. spencer is too old and coleman is too young.

don't get me wrong. every age group has it's own quirks and nuances and wonderful attributes. it's just the realization that the things we've come to realize as "normal" are on hold for a few years. in the meantime, we will enjoy weekends on the ballfield, learning to speak in sentences, girlfriends & drama, shapes & colors, texts & facebook...and lots and lots of brotherly love.

it might be a new normal, but it's a great normal.

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