coleman {21 months old}

today, coleman turned twenty-one months old. three fourths of the way through his second year of life. his constant changing, and learning, and growing continues to amaze me.

~ he is still totally obsessed with tubes of stuff ~

~ lots of teething ~

~ biggest behavior issues: throwing (everything) and hitting. serious temper tantrums. ~

 ~ he is very independent on playgrounds. actually he's independent. period. ~

~ he puts together small sentences such as "get the ball", "forgot dog" and "where's the ball" ~
for the record "forgot dog" just means rio is upstairs behind the baby gate...not like we lost him or something :)

~ he is not a fan of getting his hair cut ~

 ~ he loves to climb. on anything. people are particularly fun ~
shortly after this photo was taken, he tumbled head first off of me with a pretty tough landing. oops.

~ he is learning his shapes and colors ~

~ he will play catch forever. with anyone. and any type of ball. ~

 ~ he loves, loves, loves these puzzles ~
his aunt sherry treated him to these about a month ago. he's been obsessed with them ever since. at first he totally didn't *get* it but it didn't take long, at all, for him to master the process. i think santa might need to bring him some more.

~ his favorite saying: "i did it"... pretty sure it's the most adorable thing ever ~

~ he still goes to bed very early...by 7:00 most nights...sometimes earlier ~

~ he is pretty good at watching spencer's baseball games. not the whole thing, but he's definitely attentive and engaged for periods of time. ~

~ he knows how to hike a football. he also knows how to properly hold a football and will rotate it in his hand to find the seam. on occasion he'll throw a nice spiral. future quarterback??? ~

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