web wednesday {gratitude continued}

this was supposed to be a "web wednesday" post, but i'm slack like that...so here is "web friday"...doesn't have quite the same ring to it, huh??? but, i didn't want to wait until next wednesdsay to share these finds, in case anyone wanted to implement them this year!


if you're feeling thankful and are ready to give back, consider joining in on this giving challenge. it's not about donating time or money everyday...just a little something! check it out.

Scrappers Give Thanks
and here's another great (easy) way to give back. all you do is, create a 4×6 scrapbook-style mini artwork containing a message of hope, joy or laughter for a school-age child and submit it by November 24, 2010. All formats – digital, paper and hybrid – are encouraged and accepted. you can also chip in some money to help cover postage costs, if you choose.

if you like memes, thankful thursday reminds folks to stop long enough to thank God for something or someone in our lives.  this meme is hosted by three bloggers in the following rotation:

thanksgiving activity

this is another great family idea for teaching kids to give thanks (there are so many!!!!). this one takes a slightly different approach. instead of just addressing gratitude, it actually encourage kids to DO SOMETHING. read the details here.

this post at faithful devotions has some great *thankful* scripture references.

a homeschool thanksgiving is a good (quick) read for anyone that has struggled with teaching gratitude to a young child. it helps put things into perspective.

and in case you didn't have enough "thankful family project" ideas already...here's another. i think this one is particularly good for someone that hosts a large family dinner each year (or you could take it with you when you go celebrate at someone else's home).

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