this week {11.8 to 11.14}

~ our washing machine broke ~

~ spencer had two baseball practices with his temporary baseball team ~

~ i worked late and ordered japanese takout ~

~ i worked on an application for the Dalton Help Foundation to get a donation through my company ~

101108 Coleman with puzzles

~ i began my gratitude list for the month ~

~ i typed up four weeks worth of "this week" posts ~

~ matt investigated getting us a used washer ~

~ i submitted an fsa reimbursement form ~

~ i finished reading the book of jeremiah ~
101110 Coleman kicking playhouse door at AJ's

~ coleman and i went to wal-mart ~

~ scott came over for a visit ~

~ i worked from home ~

~ matt, coleman and i went to lowe's and bought a new washer ~

~ matt and spencer bought the Call of Duty: Black Ops video game ~

~ i took spencer to baseball practice and shopped at harris teeter ~

101111 Coleman in bath 14

~ spencer, coleman and i went to spencer's ball tournament. they won one, lost one. ~

~ spencer's team got disqualified from the tournament because of a clerical error ~

~ usc beat florida to win the SEC EAST for the first time ~

~ i finished reading stuart woods' orchid beach ~

~ matt had to work a night during his 'off' weekend ~

101114 Coleman looking at photobook 04

~ i sent out an email inviting people to watch the SEC championship game at our house ~

~ i worked on my photo editing process ~

~ i took a bubble bath ~

~ we played a *questions* game at supper ~

101114 Coleman watching videos

~ i read the book of lamentations ~

~ matt picked up laundry detergent and diapers at walgreen's...and paid full price....gasp!!! ~

~ i purchased a AAA groupon deal ~

~ i worked on writing a guest post for another blog ~

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