this week {11.1 to 11.7}

~ mom went home on monday ~

~ i worked on the photo editing process...i am now FOUR weeks behind ~

~ i planned for my work trip ~

101102 Election Day 02 - Blackwell
~ i voted ~

~ matt went grocery shopping at wal-mart with both boys ~

~ matt still wasn't feeling well ~

~ spencer committed to playing two baseball tournaments with a temporary travel team ~

~ we didn't take spencer to baseball practice on monday night because matt was so sick; but he went to practice on tuesday night ~

~ spencer got sick and missed his last baseball game of the fall rec season ~
101103 Cleveland 03
~ i went to cleveland for three days on business ~
101103 - Coleman in Sherry's car
~ aunt sherry watched coleman at night and in the mornings while i was gone (matt was working nights) ~
101103 Cleveland 01 - RTA
~ i rode public transportation for the first time ~

~ i bowled ~

~ my father-in-law had a pacemaker put in ~

101105 Limo ride to airport 01
~ i rode in a limo to the airport ~

~ spencer had junior cotillion ~
101106 Black Knights Game 07
~ spencer played in a baseball tournmanet. they lost all 4 games ~
he said he had more fun losing with this team than he ever had winning with his travel ball team.
101106 Coleman on playground 04
~ all four of us went to the ball tournament on saturday. brrrrr. ~
101106 Xander + Coleman 02
~ warren, scott, cameron and xander came over to the watch gamecocks get slaughtered by arkansas ~

~ matt and spencer went to the baseball tournament on sunday while coleman and i stayed home ~

~ i took a nap while coleman took a nap. what a novel idea. ~

~ usc was still ranked in the top 25 ~

~ bo ran in the cross country state championship (his team was 8th of 16) ~

~ matt and i enjoyed a bottle of champagne for no reason at all ~

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