**blog party**

hello blog readers!!! do you know what today is??? it's the FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY of chronicles of a southern scrapper. it's hard to believe it's been that long. every year, i've let the anniversary slip by without any fan fare. but not this year! not only did i remember it, but i decided to host a month-long blog party! i got the idea from elsie flannigan's blog. elsie's "blog party" was a day filled with tons of posts, which I considered. But, with my being on a business trip on this anniversary, i thought it'd be easier to spread things out ... make the fun last longer!!

so, you're probably asking yourself...what's a blog party? well, i'm not promising anything ground-breaking, but my plan is to post something at least once a day for a full month. i will touch on all of the aspects of *me* and my blog - scrapbooking, family, reading, tv, writing, photos, faith, organization, you name it!

so, to get started...let's go back to the beginning. click here to read my very first blog post. the general idea of why i blog really hasn't changed much. "This online home will serve as an outlet for my ramblings – of which I have plenty, a gallery of sorts for my scrapbooking creations, and a studio to which I can post the latest and greatest of my photographic obsession." yup, i think that still pretty much covers it!  check out the family photo - we've changed a little, wouldn't ya say??? since that day, we've all aged four years, we've added another four-legged fellow, and of course, a sweet baby boy!


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  1. Woo Hoo.... I am there...or here... I love a good party!!! I look forward to all of your posts!