music monday {lady antebellum}

i remember when i first heard the name lady antebellum...i thought "wow, what an odd name for a group". and i thought it was even stranger that it had two men in it. then the name kind of started to grow on me and i thought "what a cool band name". then they really started to grow on me. as *lady a* has swept the country music world and has crossed over into the mainstream, they have taken over me as well. i just love, love, love their music.

the song that first stole my heart was lookin' for a good time. it's fun. it's upbeat. it has a nifty video.
you may not want your teenager to use this song as an example in life, as it basically glorifies a one-night-stand. but, if you're looking for something to make you dance around the house...this is your song!

so, if that song stole my heart, then i need you now was the engagement ring. everyone in my family (all four of us) adored this song when it came out. i mean, seriously...we listened to it all the time. and i'm pretty sure this was their first *crossover* hit.

and then most recently, there is our kind of love (which i guess is the honeymoon of my analogy). back to the super fun songs, and i love the video. i want to go there and hang out around all of that old carnival stuff!



  1. hehe! I get to see them on Oct 3rd! It's one of the groups I'm looking forward to seeing at Bayfest here in Mobile.

  2. I love them too!!! PS- I love your writing style as always...you always make me smile! :)