coleman's birthday party {reflections}

so, today was the big day! it's hard to believe it finally came (and went). overall, i think things went well. reflecting back - some things worked well, others ok, and some not so great. there will be TONS of details to follow eventually, but for right now...just some reflections on what i learned, thought, felt, etc. and since i've been holding out on pictures, just a couple of my snapshots. lots of fantastic photos to come as well.

the invitation

the good:
- we had about 20 adults, a handful of older kids, and five babies. i thought this was just right. not too many for our house, though definitely chaotic. but they were all "must have" folks and i am tickled they all came. you know what's awesome? no one we invited didn't come. coleman is one loved little boy!!!

- i am so glad that i decided to do the invites, decorations, etc. on my own. definitely worth it.

- hiring a photographer. this was awesome. it's going to be tempting to do it every year.

- a morning party. even though it was a tight schedule, i liked having the party over and done with by lunch time.

- the champagne in the punch. it was a hit :) as was the monkey bread.

- bibs as favors. i was proud of myself for the idea, i admit. everyone loved them.

- having the coolest big brother around to help out. he's awesome. he rocks.

the bad:
- coleman was not in the best of moods. he was cranky, and probably a bit overwhelmed. he slept late (7:30) and therefore did not take a morning nap. mid-party, he passed out. he was asleep in his crib before he got to do his smash cake. oops :)

- too much baking. i was surprised how much time i spent in the kitchen (particularly on friday). though i don't *regret* doing so much of this myself, in future years, i will probably just order a cake or cupcakes from a bakery. i think my biggest mistake might have been doing the cookies and the cupcakes. sometimes i just need to remember that i'm not a baker. i'm a paper girl. next year, i will stick to the paper :)

- an early party combined with a photo session beforehand. i knew this would be tight, and it was. i'm glad my mom was there to help get the food ready!

- the crescent roll danish things i planned to make. mom ended up having to do them. they burned a bit and were only about half eaten.

the ugly:
- the "smash cake" was supposed to be a cupcake shaped cake. it was a disaster, sticking to the pan, etc. but, as you read above - it didn't really matter.

- my blubbering moment when i tried to give spencer a gift for being a big brother and i fell apart. oops.

 a glimpse at part of the favors. banana baby food, embroidered bibs, cute green bags (other stuff added later).

i'm tired. busy day. going to bed :)


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