this week {2.8 to 2.14}

~ i got up at 4:30 monday morning to pack and get ready for my trip to ohio. gotta love procrastination ~

~ security lines at the airport were obnoxious and i almost missed my flight ~

~ my friend (brigitte) and niece (christina) both celebrated birthdays ~

~ i was in ohio for three days ~

~ i went to a "little italy" for the first time...we don't have many of those down south ~

~ i finished the Book of Genesis (through The Journey) ~

~ i began reading Sarah Palin's book (Going Rogue) and i'm really enjoying it ~

~ i ate at a restaurant called fathead's ~

~ i spent a day and a half watching presentations ~

~ coleman threw up in his crib while i was out of town (this was a first - felt bad that matt had to deal with it on his own) ~

~ my boss and i had a "fireside chat" (literally...we chatted by a fire at caribou coffee) ~

~ coleman had some really bad nights for matt while i was away ~

~ it snowed a lot in cleveland and our flight was about two hours late getting home ~

~ i decided that i seriously need to get removitvated at work. i have a lot to do and the company has a lot of great momentum right now ~

~ i also realized that i desperately need to reprioritize things in my life ~

~ i got pulled over by a cop on the way home from the airport. thankfully i only got a warning ~

~ sherry watched coleman while matt and i went out to dinner on thursday night (because matt had to work on valentine's day) ~

~ i made valentine's for spencer and coleman, and cupcakes for coleman's daycare ~

here's a sneak peek...detailed tutorials to come...

~ i went to the btms committee meeting ~

~ spencer had a dentist appointment and his first orthodontist appointment is set up ~

~ i shopped at rite aid and walgreen's. matt shopped at wal-mart (without coupons...gasp!) ~

~ i missed an episode of american idol because the dvr priorities weren't set correctly and it didn't tape. ugh! this is only the 2nd episode i've missed in nine years ~

~ i bought four packs of diapers averaging $4.81 each (not too bad) and a tub of wipes for 87 cents ~

~ our neighborhood social committee pulled off a successful food drive ~

~ i donated a bag of food to above-mentioned drive ~

~ i got behind on The Journey ~

~ coleman brought home a heart day loot from daycare ~

~ it started snowing friday afternoon and we ended up getting about 3.5" ~

~ we got spencer's basketball pictures in the mail ~

~ spencer's basketball game was cancelled ~

~ coleman played in the snow with his friends, coleman and mccrea ~

more pictures to come...

~ i started my blog party and have been making sure to post daily (or at least schedule something to post) ~

~ coleman and i were pretty much hermit crabs all weekend ~

~ coleman ate his first "graduates" microwave meal ~

~ matt and i exchanged valentine's day cards ~

{coleman's birthday party prep}

~ i created and printed matching return address labels ~

~ invitations are ready to mail ~

~ i got the party supply order in the mail ~

~ i took this video of coleman walking ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $37; saved = $49 (57%)
annual savings = $530 (41%)

{pedometer challenge - week 6}
total steps = 38,085 (5 days)
average step count = 7,617

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  1. Ok- so I feel REALLY horrible as a mother. Those cupcakes and ALL the wonderful things you did for Valentine's Day are just beautiful! I am SO jealous of your creativity! Can you just do Giada's birthday party for me? :)